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05 Jul 2013
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potter, NSW (Gwyn JOHN); GB, France (Gwyn HANSSEN); TAS(Gwyn PIGOTT)

1935 Born, Ballarat, Victoria

Presented with a Visual Arts and Crafts Emeritus award in 1997 and an Australia Council Fellowship in 1998, recognition that Gwyn Hanssen Pigott's ceramics, unique examples of minimalist form, are exceptional works of art.

Highly acclaimed in USA, Europe, and Japan, Hanssen Pigott's work is extensively represented in collections both here and overseas, with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art being the most recent to acquire her work. It has a universal appeal transcending the barriers that often hinder the progress of Australian artists abroad.

Hanssen Pigott's works travel to exhibitions in Taiwan, Munich, Denmark and New York. Leading British potter Alison Britton, invited Gwyn to exhibit in "A View of Clay" 1998, in the UK and in 1999 she represented
Australia in Tokyo, at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art and in Italy, at the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, one of ten ceramists invited from around the world, the only one from Australia.

All this from a studio in splendid isolation in Queensland. Hanssen Pigott's poised families of smooth sided vessels, bowls and bottles are highly evocative of the Italian painter Morandi's Still Life studies. They share an affinity in their composition, in their stillness and meticulous attention to form. As Robert Hughes wrote of Morandi "modestly, insistently, Morandi's images try to slow the eye, asking it to give up its restless scanning, and give full weight to something small."

Hanssen Pigott aims for similar results, paring away extraneous detail to deliver works of quiet simplicity. Transluscent porcelain in colours ranging in tone from white greys, fawn and coffee to blue green teals; recent inclusions in her still life arrangements of bowls, bottles and beakers are teapots and cups. Re-affirming the fact that "Pots, useful, everyday, ordinary pots, have for most of my life been my daily pleasure mines"


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