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from Josef Lebovic website, 29 Oct 2013:

....Born in 1944, Roger Scott began his career as a printer at Leicagraph Sydney, later studying photography at Sydney Tech. Following travel in Europe in 1978, he set up his own business as a documentary photographer and specialist printer of black & white work.

....Since the late 1960s, Roger Scott has photographed people in an impromptu and uncontrived manner. His unobtrusive approach has produced a body of work in which his subjects are captured unawares. His unique ability to make photographs appear as straightforward documentation yet still allow for the humour and occasional grotesqueness of everyday life.

....In December 2001, Chapter & Verse published Roger Scott: From The Street, with a foreword by Gael Newton, Curator of photography at the Australian National Gallery, and critical essay by noted critic and photographer, Robert McFarlane.

In his essay on Roger Scott, fellow photographer and photographic critic Robert Mcfarlane says: "The photographs that Scott makes during this time are unique within Australian photography. The intimacies he records in the lives of his subjects show that, far from being another purist disciple of Cartier-Bresson's worthy maxim of the decisive moment, Roger Scott introduces a new kind of instant in Australian documentary photography - the irrevocable moment."

Gael Newton, Senior Curator of Photography at the Australian National Gallery, who contributed the foreword to the book, remarked: "I have tried to suggest that there are layers to Roger: he's not just an Aussie of the Cartier-Bresson school with a local accent."


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