Date of Birth
03 Mar 1814
Date of Death
30 May 1888
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Place Of Death
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Painter; Often reputed to be the "Father of Australian Landscape Painting".

Louis Buvelot was a Swiss-born painter. He is best known for his great contribution to Australian art after he emigrated there in 1865. His works, mostly oil landscapes, are quite well regarded, but perhaps his impact was even greater as a tutor of several members of the Heidelberg School. His enthusiasm for plein air painting (that is, painting directly in the open air) was a key characteristic of those artists' work.

Buvelot's Australian work hangs in all the major Australian galleries, as well as the Tate Gallery in London.

By the time Buvelot arrived in Melbourne at the age of fifty-one he was already an experienced and mature artist. He had trained as an artist in Switzerland and for a short time in Paris. Buvelot was not only a versatile painter but also a practised lithographer and photographer. During the 1870s his reputation as an artist rose and his vision of the landscape inspired the young artists Tom Roberts and Frederick McCubbin, who considered him the 'father of Australian landscape painting'.


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